EU Free Trade Agreements Reference Memo

The EU Commission just published a Memo on existing Free Trade Agreements as well as the state of negotiations with Japan and other nations. Noted without comment for further reference later on. I recall that I have discussed the EU-Japan negotiations in my book “Energy from the Mongolian Gobi desert“, proposing that a large scaleContinue reading “EU Free Trade Agreements Reference Memo”

France Going Ahead with WTO-Violating Discrimination

Craig Morris reports that France has gone ahead with the plan adding a bonus of 10 percent to small-scale solar feed-in tariffs if the solar panels used are sourced in the EU. This is of course clearly illegal under GATT, as was just recently confirmed in the case Japan and the EU brought against Canada.Continue reading “France Going Ahead with WTO-Violating Discrimination”

Srikar on Renewable Energy Support Schemes Under WTO

Mr. M.S. Srikar, author of the “Tread the Middle Path” trade law blog, has just published a book on the subject of the relation between WTO law and renewable energy support schemes. It is available here as a free PDF file. I am pleased that my blog made it into one of the footnotes. And IContinue reading “Srikar on Renewable Energy Support Schemes Under WTO”

Canada Feed-in Tariff WTO Case

Srikar at the “Tread the middle path” blog reports about first results in the DS 412 WTO case Japan has brought against Canada, complaining about a local content requirement for a feed-in tariff. Not surprisingly, the panel seems to think that this kind of discrimination is illegal under GATT, but not an illegal subsidy. AsContinue reading “Canada Feed-in Tariff WTO Case”

France Planning to Introduce WTO-Violating FIT Premiums

This article at rechargenews writes this about recent French plans for reforming the FIT system: Delphine Batho, head of the ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy, also confirmed a 10% bonus for sub-100kW systems that use modules manufactured in the EU – a decision certain to raise the temperature in Europe’s simmering solar tradeContinue reading “France Planning to Introduce WTO-Violating FIT Premiums”

Information Technology Agreement Already Covering Solar Panels

Suntech founder Zhengrong Shi writes in the Financial Times about the recent solar panel trade disputes. He objects to the idea of anti-dumping duties. And he calls for a “Clean Technology Agreement” modeled after the WTO “Information Technology Agreement” to get rid off these anti-dumping cases, citing a March 2012 proposal by Matthew J. Slaughter.Continue reading “Information Technology Agreement Already Covering Solar Panels”