Pain at the Pump (Short Story)

NEW YORK, January 27 2097, Television studio located on the twenty-third floor, 3 meters over sea level   “You are sure?” the director of the museum asked. Next to him was the Secretary of Interior, looking at Miriam. The scene was distributed on live television, on the syndicated news show with the highest rating. ThatContinue reading “Pain at the Pump (Short Story)”

Deep Down Inside Mt. Fuji (Short Story)

I just had the most extraordinary experience. Someone was wrong on the Internet. Of course, that happens all the time. But while I was writing a well sourced blog post refuting that particular propaganda talking point, a new window popped up right over my WordPress editing tab, with a short message: “Congratulations! You are theContinue reading “Deep Down Inside Mt. Fuji (Short Story)”