Harry Sudock on Bitcoin Mining Energy

I just listened to the podcast “The Truth about Bitcoin’s Energy” with Harry Sudock on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast hosted by Peter McCormack. Sudock is working as a VP of Strategy for the “Griid Infrastructure” mining project. I learned that in the American market power lines don’t extend more than 500 miles. I learnedContinue reading “Harry Sudock on Bitcoin Mining Energy”

What’s the Business Model for Owning Car Batteries?

In following up yesterday’s review of the “All-Electric America” book, I asked co-author Leah Y. Parks what the business model for having utilities own car batteries is. She kindly answered that question and pointed to a press release by a company called Green Mountain Power. That press release introduces an offer to customers of gettingContinue reading “What’s the Business Model for Owning Car Batteries?”

Conergy Heart Shaped Solar Project

You may have seen this picture. It is a popular choice for people commenting on Twitter about solar. The last time I saw it was on this Tweet by Conergy, at the occasion of a recent decision of the American Supreme Court¬†on same-sex marriages. This is the second real life example of someone building aContinue reading “Conergy Heart Shaped Solar Project”

Book Review: Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, by Tony Seba, 2014, link to Amazon page. Tony Seba has a background in the information industry. He was an early employee at CISCO and then went on to working for or founding various companies in the sector. He is also teaching on the subjects of this book atContinue reading “Book Review: Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”

Colored Solar Panels and Solar Geoglyphs

So I had this idea of making some geoglyphs with solar panels last Sunday, when discussing advertising income as a funding source for solar projects. If you look at pictures of solar park installations, you see large numbers of solar panels without any advertising message. And they all look the same. One way to changeContinue reading “Colored Solar Panels and Solar Geoglyphs”

Advertising Income as a Solar Funding Source

Ashish Bhatia kindly pointed me with this Tweet to his idea of using advertising income as a funding source for solar projects. The idea seems to be to install lots of solar panels along road sides and have ads on these solar panels to contribute to the costs of installation. I have not heard aboutContinue reading “Advertising Income as a Solar Funding Source”

New Nuclear More Expensive Than Solar/Wind – So What?

As Cleantechnica just reported, Prognos AG has released a new study commissioned by Agora Energiewende¬†comparing the costs of new nuclear with those of a system based on solar and wind. I learned that right now the renewable option costs only about half of new nuclear. That cost advantage of renewable energy is expected to increase,Continue reading “New Nuclear More Expensive Than Solar/Wind – So What?”