Phase Out Fossil Fuel to Save the Industry

Hans-Josef Fell just documented how bad the fossil fuel industry is doing right now (in German). The oil and gas industry is big, but not actually making profits. There have been many bankruptcies already in the United States shale gas sector. And big oil companies like Exxon pay out much more to their shareholders thanContinue reading “Phase Out Fossil Fuel to Save the Industry”

Bitcoin as a Metaphor for Fossil Fuel

Repost, first written in 2013. Bitcoin has been getting some initial attention lately. Much of that comes from the fact that someone buying bitcoins at $2 only about two years ago would have made a profit of 10,000% if they had sold at the latest record high of over $200. That’s not bad for twoContinue reading “Bitcoin as a Metaphor for Fossil Fuel”

Worst Possible Phaseout Strategy

One of the main themes I am exploring here is how to assure that phasing out fossil fuel is done in a way that increases fossil fuel company profits while solving global warming at the same time. My idea is to voluntarily reduce production, watch prices go up, and compensate for the inevitable lower volumeContinue reading “Worst Possible Phaseout Strategy”

OPEC Doesn’t Work, Time For OCIC

That would be “Oil Importing and Consuming Countries”. The German newspaper Die Welt reports on how OPEC has failed to put an effective ceiling on oil production for the last couple of years. That’s bad news for the climate. Lower prices for gasoline mean less incentives to buy an electric vehicle. The article shows thisContinue reading “OPEC Doesn’t Work, Time For OCIC”

Phaseout Profit Theory Is an Exit Strategy

Rainer Baake, State Secretary at the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, wrote an article at the Guardian titled “Industrialized nations must lead an exit strategy for fossil fuels”. There are two reasons I was interested. One is this paragraph: In fact, the progress made on energy efficiency and renewables can actually exacerbate theContinue reading “Phaseout Profit Theory Is an Exit Strategy”

Book Review: All-Electric America

All-Electric America was written by S. David Freeman, who was born in 1926 and has a long career as CEO of various energy companies. The second author is Leah Y. Parks, a journalist covering the electricity sector. The Kindle edition of this book (which I read) was published in October 2015. This is an excellentContinue reading “Book Review: All-Electric America”

OPEC Oil Outlook

As discussed in this article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph, the “OPEC Oil Outlook” recently published assumes that neither global warming regulation nor electric vehicles will influence oil demand much until 2040. They recommend that firing coal for generating electricity should be reduced to deal with global warming. In other words, they do agreeContinue reading “OPEC Oil Outlook”

Introduce Mining Schedules, Oil First

Phaseout Profit Theory works for all flavors of fossil fuel. But oil should come first actually implementing it. There are several reasons for that. For one, oil will run out substantially faster than coal, since there is much more coal left than oil. Also, people have already tried to set up caps on oil supplyContinue reading “Introduce Mining Schedules, Oil First”