Greed and green go together quite well

Lately I have repeatedly pointed out that it is in the best interest of the fossil fuel companies to get production down. The last occasion to do so was in comments to this blog post at Climate Progress, which presents an infographic under the title “A Day in the Life of Big Oil”. That chartContinue reading “Greed and green go together quite well”

The simple solution to global warming

Bill McKibben and most other people involved in climate activism are wrong on one point. The fossil fuel companies are not the enemy. They should be allies. That’s because McKibben doesn’t understand simple market theory. He seems to think that the value of fossil fuel reserves goes down to zero if he succeeds in hisContinue reading “The simple solution to global warming”

Global warming antitrust exception

As blogged before, it doesn’t make sense for fossil fuel companies to fund an effort to deny the reality of global warming and delay the necessary countermeasures. See this recent interview with climate scientist Michael Mann for some detail on the methods the fossil fuel companies use in their misguided efforts that only serve toContinue reading “Global warming antitrust exception”

My global warming science fiction novel “Great News”

I have written a science fiction novel about global warming and publish it as a PDF-file with this post. Here is the short description (see also this short story version): How can humanity be both so clever as to develop modern civilization in the first place and so dumb as to burn all the fossilContinue reading “My global warming science fiction novel “Great News””