ETH Easy To Hack

Congratulations to Ethereum for switching from proof of work to proof of stake. Since they stopped competing on proof of work network security, they made sure that they will never be able to win against Bitcoin in that competition. And since proof of work is the basis for security, they made sure that their projectContinue reading “ETH Easy To Hack”

Book Review: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates

Written in 2020, the first thing sticking out was that there is no mention of the European Green Deal. I am not sure why. Another thing is that Gates is calling readers to run for office in an election. I am not aware of any political office Gates is running for himself. Maybe he thinksContinue reading “Book Review: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates”

Ban Cars Before Bitcoin

Some people want to ban Bitcoin mining because it uses much energy, increasing the safety of the system to levels no other blockchain has. As far as global warming is the motivation for that, the impact would be limited compared to banning gasoline cars. That is because much more people use cars than use Bitcoin.Continue reading “Ban Cars Before Bitcoin”

Fort Knox is Everywhere

I had an opportunity to discuss my ideas on solving global warming yesterday. I got a cool reception. One of the questions to my presentation was left without answer, for lack of time. So I write a couple of lines here instead. I was talking about the recent discussion on requiring permission to use electricityContinue reading “Fort Knox is Everywhere”

You Have My Permission to Solve Global Warming

But not that of the EU Commission. At least not yet. I am talking about the solution of giving fossil fuel producers the power of scaling down production in a coordinated way. For example, if oil production was already scheduled as bitcoin production is (cutting production by half every four years), obviously emissions would goContinue reading “You Have My Permission to Solve Global Warming”

Bitcoin to the Rescue

El Salvador will issue a Bitcoin Bond with the ticker symbol EBB1. Half of the money (500 million dollars) will be used to buy and hold bitcoins, the other half for infrastructure investments, with geothermal energy from a volcano and bitcoin mining the main focus. Investors in the bond will get the option of permanentContinue reading “Bitcoin to the Rescue”

German Public TV about Bitcoin and Climate Change

Germany has a system of television where people are forced to pay for public channels even if they are not watching. All citizens are required to pay a tax for some channels even if they have no interest in anything they produce. The German Federal Constitutional Court sees this tax as constitutional, because they assertContinue reading “German Public TV about Bitcoin and Climate Change”

Røkke Shareholder Letter about Seetee

I just read a letter to shareholders by Kjell Inge Røkke on the subject of the new company “Seetee” he just funded. I had never heard of Røkke, but I just searched at Wikipedia and found out that he is Norway’s richest person with a career started in fishing and expanding to all sorts ofContinue reading “Røkke Shareholder Letter about Seetee”