Ulan Bator subway

UB Post says that Marubeni plans to build two subway lines in Ulan Bator for a couple of billion dollars coming from Japanese official development assistance program.

Oyu Tolgoi

Montsame says that an amended shareholder agreement between the Mongolian government, Rio Tinto, and Ivanhoe was signed on Friday. The change is about interest rates, which have fallen as the worldwide financial climate has improved. Ivanhoe mines has published background information on this project, which will add about 35% to the Mongolian GDP by 2017.Continue reading “Oyu Tolgoi”

Random Mongolia fact

From Montsame: Household income per month has increased by 15.4 percent compared to last year. Sounds good, until one hears that the amount after the increase is 453.5 thousand togrog, which is about $453.  

Mongolia President Elbegdorj Copenhagen speech

The speech of Mongolian President Elbegdorj in Copenhagen 2009 is published here. He had this to say about the effects of global meltdown already apparent in 2009 in Mongolia: Sands and dust rise, on another extreme of the climate change. This is happening in my country. 70 per cent of our lands is baring underContinue reading “Mongolia President Elbegdorj Copenhagen speech”

Oil refinery

To be built with a $600 million financing package from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation in Mongolia, says Montsame. Right now Mongolia has no own refining capacity. Construction work is expected to start later this year.

Inner Mongolia

hosting about one third of China’s wind energy production, says this Renewable Energy World article. China already has the world’s largest installed wind capacity and is moving aggressively to add even more. The profits of the largest wind developer just doubled to over $300 million.

Inner Mongolia solar power

The Chinese government is revising the goal for installed solar capacity. Upwards, by a factor of 10, to between 20 and 30 Gigawatt by 2020 (Renewable Energy World article). One part of that will be “solar thermal power demonstration projects in Inner Mongolia”.  Part of the Gobi desert covers that region.