Yomiuri Pro-Nuclear Editorial Inventing Facts about Germany

An English translation of yet another anti-renewable propaganda pro-nuclear Yomiuri editorial was just posted. I am pleased, since I expect any such Fossil Nuke article at Yomiuri to contain multiple easily refuted errors, so I get something to write about. For one, the most serious error is this: In Germany, which introduced a similar systemContinue reading “Yomiuri Pro-Nuclear Editorial Inventing Facts about Germany”

2012 Weak Wind Capacity Deployment in Japan

The Japanese Wind Energy Association just published figures on wind energy deployment for 2012. They look very weak. Thanks to this tweet by Hiro Matsubara for the link. For all of 2012 there was only 92 MW of new capacity installed, distributed over 49 turbines. With the feed-in tariff law in force since July of last year are payingContinue reading “2012 Weak Wind Capacity Deployment in Japan”

Hidetoshi Masunaga on Japanese Election Constitutional Lawsuit

Those unhappy with the landslide victory of the LDP in the last election on Sunday may get a second chance, if the lawsuits filed by Japanese lawyer Hidetoshi Masunaga are successful. As Japan Times reports in detail, he and many other lawyers are claiming that the election was violating the Constitution and should be declaredContinue reading “Hidetoshi Masunaga on Japanese Election Constitutional Lawsuit”

Japanese Renewable Energy Installation Records

The Japanese government has issued a report on installations in the running fiscal year (from April 2012 to 2013) until end of November. Thanks for this tweet by Hiro Matsubara for the link. The Japanese numbers are somewhat difficult to understand. They report two sets of numbers for each technology. One is the new capacityContinue reading “Japanese Renewable Energy Installation Records”

LDP Policy Platform on Renewable Energy

Japan Times expects the LDP to come back to power in Sunday’s elections. They predict the LDP to win close to 300 of the 480 seats. There are still many undecided voters. But clearly the LDP will have a big role to play. So this is a good opportunity to look again at their publishedContinue reading “LDP Policy Platform on Renewable Energy”

Seven Eleven Japan Introducing Battery Storage to 100 Shops

Nikkei reports on plans by Seven Eleven to install battery systems for about 1.3 million yen a piece at 100 of their Japanese stores. Thanks to this tweet by Keiichiro Sakurai for the link. They would have a capacity of storing 27 kWh, which would reduce electricity costs by up to 20 percent. They wouldContinue reading “Seven Eleven Japan Introducing Battery Storage to 100 Shops”

Japan Electricity Monopoly Abolition

In line with what the present government decided in September, a METI panel has recommended finally getting rid of the outdated monopoly structures still remaining on the Japanese electricity market (Kyodo over Japan Times). That’s good news as far as it goes, but obviously any plans to follow through would need to be executed afterContinue reading “Japan Electricity Monopoly Abolition”

Japanese LDP Energy Policy Translation

Japan Times just published an article on polling for the election coming up on December 16, and they expect the LDP to win. The current DPJ government will lose most of their seats. The main question will be if the LDP gains a majority not in need of a coalition partner. That’s a good occasionContinue reading “Japanese LDP Energy Policy Translation”

Going to Mars in Ten Years

Toru Hashimoto yesterday tweeted this: 僕はエネルギー供給体制を転換させたいと思っている。しかしそれをやるには具体的な計画を作って方針を宣言する。10年後に原発0!と叫ぶのは、10年後に火星に行くぞ!と叫ぶのと同じレベル。具体的な計画を作って、本当に可能となれば、それは立派。その時点で評価すべき。今は叫んでいるだけ。 I will skip a full translation, but he compared the promise to get rid of nuclear energy in ten years with a promise to go to Mars in ten years. And he said that just stating a goal is meaningless without stating the plan for getting there. As anybodyContinue reading “Going to Mars in Ten Years”