Flaw In Japanese Feed-in Tariff

Yesterday’s Asahi Shinbun (print edition) had a short article about plans to change the Japanese feed-in tariff. The government wants to hold expert hearings this month and get legislation done in time to have it apply from next April on. Right now, the amount of a feed-in tariff depends on when a project got approved,Continue reading “Flaw In Japanese Feed-in Tariff”

Fantastic Ambition Of Japanese Renewable Targets

An editorial at Mainichi Shinbun (in Japanese) published on Sunday discusses the plans of the Japanese government for the electricity energy mix in 2030. From that we learn that they want to achieve a whopping 22 to 24 percent from renewable energy (including hydro). That’s more than nuclear, which is supposed to clock in at betweenContinue reading “Fantastic Ambition Of Japanese Renewable Targets”

Amory Lovins on Renewable in Japan and Germany

Blog post at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Short version: Renewable in Japan compares to Germany like Japan’s soccer team to Germany’s. Only one of them is in the finals. The good news for Japan is that it actually has the best renewable resources of all industrialized countries, as I learned from this article, with nineContinue reading “Amory Lovins on Renewable in Japan and Germany”

33.2 GW Of New Renewable In Japan

The Japanese Economics Ministry has released figures on the state of play on renewable energy in Japan under the new feed-in tariff. Some of it is good news. Thanks to this Tweet by Hiro Matsubara for the link. The Japanese feed-in tariff system expects people to get a recognition (認定) before actually building capacity. ThatContinue reading “33.2 GW Of New Renewable In Japan”

Setting Prices for FIT Solar Projects in Japan

The Japanese publication “Tech-On” is doing a series of articles about megasolar projects. Installment seven is an interview with Head of Renewable Energy Department Murakami at the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry . Thanks to this tweet by Hiromichi Matsubara for the link. One thing we learn from this interview is that there have been already megasolarContinue reading “Setting Prices for FIT Solar Projects in Japan”

Interview With Softbank Energy Vice President Hiroaki Fujii

The Japanese publication “Tech-On” is doing a series of articles about megasolar projects. Installment six is an interview with Softbank Energy Vice President Hiroaki Fujii. Thanks to this tweet by Hiromichi Matsubara for the link. Fujii sees three problems right now. For one, most of the costs of a megasolar project in Japan are fromContinue reading “Interview With Softbank Energy Vice President Hiroaki Fujii”

Good News for the Japanese Solar Panel Industry

Japanese solar panel makers are increasing production, as a consequence of the boom in solar installations in Japan caused by the new feed-in tariff law. See this article at Nikkei. Thanks to this tweet by Chris Nelder for the link. Sharp wants to increase production to 1.8 GW, which means an increase of 36% inContinue reading “Good News for the Japanese Solar Panel Industry”

Japan’s Performance “Very Poor” in the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index

German Watch has published the 2014 “Climate Change Performance Index”, and Japan’s score is “very poor”. Thanks to this tweet by Volker Quaschning for the link. The index has several categories: Emissions (30 percent of points), emission reductions (30 percent), efficiency (10 percent), renewable energy (10 percent), and climate policy (20 percent). Japan scores “very poor” in emissionsContinue reading “Japan’s Performance “Very Poor” in the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index”

Great Japanese Success

The Climate Action Tracker report on Japan’s latest policy discussed in the last post titled “Great Japanese Failure” gives some background on climate finance contributions on page 4. For one, Japan has pledged funding of $16 billion (a whopping $2.28 per World capita) in financing up to 2015. That comes on top of $16.9 billionContinue reading “Great Japanese Success”