Using Water to Store CO2 in Minerals

Having followed proposals to store CO2 in minerals like olivine on this blog, I found this recent story about an experiment in Iceland interesting. The basic idea was to dissolve CO2 in water (like in your soda drink can). Then pump the water under pressure underground into an environment rich in minerals that will reactContinue reading “Using Water to Store CO2 in Minerals”

Carbon Contained in Fossil Fuel Only 0.005% of All Carbon

Here is a slideshow of a presentation Prof. Olaf Schuiling did in 2010 on the SmartStones Foundation website. Slide number four gives an overview on the distribution of carbon on our planet. I learned from that: Carbon contained in recoverable fossil fuel is only 0.005% of all carbon. The largest stores are limestones (46%), dolomitesContinue reading “Carbon Contained in Fossil Fuel Only 0.005% of All Carbon”

Why Don’t We Do That Yet? (Use Olivine for CO2 Reduction)

Here’s an interview with Prof. Olaf Schuiling, one of the main proponents of using olivine: I found this on the “SmartStones” Foundation website, which is a new foundation set up recently to spread the word about this way to solve global warming. It’s in Dutch language, which means I can understand about 70 percent. IContinue reading “Why Don’t We Do That Yet? (Use Olivine for CO2 Reduction)”

New Category “Greensand”

I have been reading a bit about using olivine weathering to permanently take out CO2 from the atmosphere. I think this kind of idea has enough merit to discuss it in some more detail. Therefore I have opened yet another new category on this blog. I didn’t call it “olivine weathering”, since “greensand” sounds muchContinue reading “New Category “Greensand””