“Hot War” on Global Warming

President Obama has released a climate action plan. It’s about time that happened. I wonder what took him so long. There is a speech at Georgetown university, a document describing the new plan, and a series of slides. I have studied all of those and still could not find an announcement of putting some solarContinue reading ““Hot War” on Global Warming”

Bitcoin Useful For Climate Migrants

One of the unfortunate consequences of the global warming predicted is that many people will be forced from their home countries. If your small island country disappears because of sea level rise, you need to go somewhere else. If your country is swallowed by the desert because of continuing drought, you need to go somewhereContinue reading “Bitcoin Useful For Climate Migrants”

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

The United States runs a “Strategic Petroleum Reserve” program. According to the Wikipedia page on that program, the oil stored there had a value of around $64.5 billion in February 2012. The cost for buying that oil reserve was only around $20.1 billion. So the American government has made a profit of around $44.4 billionContinue reading “Strategic Petroleum Reserve”

Global Warming Fiction Book “Yongala”

This book by Guy Lane has been published at Smashwords earlier this year. The author kindly sent me a file suited for reading on my Kindle device free of charge. The book takes a real maritime disaster, the sinking of the “SS Yongala”, which happened in 1911. It then adds an interesting global warming angle.Continue reading “Global Warming Fiction Book “Yongala””

List of Global Warming Fiction Books

I have recently started a list on Goodreads titled “Climate Change Fiction”. It has already 19 books, including my own two contributions. However, I made a mistake when starting that list. It should have been “Global Warming Fiction”. I didn’t think too much about that choice. But it is wrong. As this recent blog postContinue reading “List of Global Warming Fiction Books”

400 ppM CO2 Irrelevant

There are multiple people on my Twitter timeline mentioning the fact that CO2 levels have passed 400 ppM for the first time. Let’s just point to this well informed and interesting explanation by Peter Gleick on Scienceblogs, titled “The Last Time Atmospheric CO2 was at 400 parts per Million Humans Didn’t Exist“. As Gleick explains,Continue reading “400 ppM CO2 Irrelevant”

Print More Money For Renewable Energy

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post “Print Money for Renewable Energy”, which discussed Adnan Al-Daini’s proposal to use “quantitative easing” as a source of finance for renewable energy. I neglected to mention Al-Daini’s newer article on the question, which was published with the title “Climate Change: Governments Must Act To Reduce CO2 Emissions” atContinue reading “Print More Money For Renewable Energy”

Print Money for Renewable Energy

Germany has been very successful with its feed-in tariff. It has deployed a lot of solar. And brought down prices for everybody in the process. Now Adnan Al-Daini proposes a different way to finance renewable energy. In this article published at Huffington Post in February he calls for printing money and investing it in renewableContinue reading “Print Money for Renewable Energy”

Book Review: Forty Signs of Rain, by Kim Stanley Robinson

I found “Forty Signs of Rain” by Kim Stanley Robinson over the list “Climate Change Fiction” I recently started at Goodreads. Please consider adding to that list if you know of some fiction book with a global warming theme not yet on the list. There is not much happening for most of the novel. MostContinue reading “Book Review: Forty Signs of Rain, by Kim Stanley Robinson”

Global Warming and Prostitution

Lucia Graves at Huffington Post reports about a new consequence of global warming I was not aware of until now. Barbara Lee, a Representative from California belonging to the Democratic Party┬áhas introduced a resolution stating that poor women become more vulnerable as a consequence of global warming. From the resolution: Whereas food-insecure women with limitedContinue reading “Global Warming and Prostitution”