North Korea Behind Global Warming

Just revealed in the Guardian: The discovery that North Korea has been secretly pumping climate-altering chemicals into the atmosphere in an attempt to destroy agricultural production across the US has sparked an international crisis. This is not true. I know better. Global warming, or global meltdown as it should be called more realistically, is causedContinue reading “North Korea Behind Global Warming”

“We’d Have Cap and Trade by the Morning”

That’s the punch line from Jon Stewart in this video about Republicans trying to fry the planet. Thanks to this tweet by Gernot Wagner for the link. The one thing that would change their minds, in Stewart’s opinion: If Obama started to embrace the denial agenda. I am not sure about that. But I agreeContinue reading ““We’d Have Cap and Trade by the Morning””

Book Review: “The Bet” by Paul Sabin

I found this book over a book review by Bill Gates. Thanks to this tweet by Christopher N. Fox for the link. The author is a history professor. This book is about recent United States history. It describes the debate about overpopulation and other environmental concerns in the decades between 1960 and 1990 in theContinue reading “Book Review: “The Bet” by Paul Sabin”

Great Japanese Success

The Climate Action Tracker report on Japan’s latest policy discussed in the last post titled “Great Japanese Failure” gives some background on climate finance contributions on page 4. For one, Japan has pledged funding of $16 billion (a whopping $2.28 per World capita) in financing up to 2015. That comes on top of $16.9 billionContinue reading “Great Japanese Success”

Great Japanese Failure

The Japanese government has decided to replace the previous 2020 target of 25 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 with a target of a 3.1 percent increase. This is the official document (in Japanese). Thanks to commentary at Kikonet here for the link. Adding insult to injury, the Japanese government tries toContinue reading “Great Japanese Failure”

Philippines Delegation Leader Yeb Sano Speech

Found at TckTckTck. Of course, the Philippines have just been hit by the strongest storm in human history, Typhoon Hayan. That gives a lot of urgency to his statement. As for the substance, he said that the Philippines wants to double their renewable capacity until 2020, and triple it until 2030. Meanwhile, the coalition talksContinue reading “Philippines Delegation Leader Yeb Sano Speech”

James Hansen’s New Opinion on Venus Syndrome

James Hansen has published a new paper on climate sensitivity. Thanks to Joe Romm at Climate Progress for the link. The part most interesting to me was section 7 d), titled “Runaway greenhouse”. That section says that it is impossible for humans to cause Venus syndrome (evaporation of all the oceans). That is in directContinue reading “James Hansen’s New Opinion on Venus Syndrome”

Can’t Wait for Jeremy Leggett’s New Book Release

Jeremy Leggett‘s new book “The Energy of Nations” will be released on September 26th. I just read the sample first chapter available for free. It deals with the idea of “peak oil”, noting a couple of interesting facts. For example: it is obviously good news for renewable energy if oil prices go way up, asContinue reading “Can’t Wait for Jeremy Leggett’s New Book Release”

Global Warming: Greatest Failure of Risk Management

John Abraham and Dana Nutticelli write at the Guardian that global warming is the greatest failure of human risk management, though they call it “climate change” (a mistake, since “climate change” sounds less threatening than “global warming”). They don’t ask why humans are so bad at dealing with this particular risk. I have asked exactly that question,Continue reading “Global Warming: Greatest Failure of Risk Management”

New Negative Feedback Loop: Less Vegetation

A German group of researchers has published a paper in Nature titled “Climate extremes and the carbon cycle”, where it sits useless behind a paywall. Considering that German tax money pays for the salaries of the main authors, this state of affairs is most inappropriate. They should post it as a PDF on their website instead.Continue reading “New Negative Feedback Loop: Less Vegetation”