Fossil Fuel Overdose

European Union High Representative and Vice President Josep Borrell just apologized for his choice of words when discussing climate. He recently used the term “Greta Syndrome” when talking about this question. If I understood him correctly, he wanted to say something like “people are very much for climate measures until they are actually asked toContinue reading “Fossil Fuel Overdose”

Don’t Say “Climate Change”, Say “Everything Change”

That’s what Margaret Atwood recommends. I learned about that at this blog post by Daniel Bloom titled “The Everything Change Bagel”. I agree with the reasons for this proposal. It is true: “Climate Change” sounds like you are talking about the weather. What’s the big deal if it gets a couple of degrees warmer? ThatContinue reading “Don’t Say “Climate Change”, Say “Everything Change””

North Korea Behind Global Warming

Just revealed in the Guardian: The discovery that North Korea has been secretly pumping climate-altering chemicals into the atmosphere in an attempt to destroy agricultural production across the US has sparked an international crisis. This is not true. I know better. Global warming, or global meltdown as it should be called more realistically, is causedContinue reading “North Korea Behind Global Warming”