“Free energy” from solar panels

Barry Brook just linked over Twitter to a new anti-renewable propaganda effort on Youtube. I am not linking to that video, since I think it is not appropriate to use the word “fraud” in connection with renewable energy. Brook seems to feel differently about that. I am sure that will help him a lot toContinue reading ““Free energy” from solar panels”

Solar already too cheap, eating nuclear’s lunch

One favorite Fossil Nuke talking point is that renewable energy, and especially solar, is just too expensive. For those who might not be familiar with the term “Fossil Nuke”, that is my shorthand for the position that supports nuclear energy while opposing renewable. No offense meant by that. More here. That is wishful thinking. InContinue reading “Solar already too cheap, eating nuclear’s lunch”

Barry Brook: no nuclear energy in Australia before 2030

Fossil nuke Barry Brook is quoted by Australian news site “Ninemsn” as saying that Australia will start building nuclear capacity around 2025, and by 2030 the first ” small amounts of nuclear-generated power will start to flow into the national electricity grid.” So we can look forward to some tiny amount of low carbon energyContinue reading “Barry Brook: no nuclear energy in Australia before 2030”

Mark Lynas’ magic mind reading powers

Mark Lynas has has just published an article in the Guardian about energy policy in Asia. As everyone familiar with his positions would expect, he likes the fact that Korea is continuing to use nuclear energy. And he is critical of the fact that the whole Japanese nuclear fleet is quietly gathering dust right now.Continue reading “Mark Lynas’ magic mind reading powers”

Fukushima anniversary

The reason for blogging much about energy here was the Fukushima accident, which started one year ago. I was expecting at the time to reduce the discussion of the accident as such after a while and proceed to more general questions, especially the question of what to do about global warming. While it has takenContinue reading “Fukushima anniversary”

Brave New Climate “main message” and “target audience”

Barry Brook has posted something at his “Brave New Climate” blog instead of running yet another guest post. This time, he talks about the “main message” and “target audience”. 2012 MM: To advocate an evidence-based approach to eliminating global fossil fuel emissions, based on a pragmatic and rational mix of nuclear and other low-carbon energyContinue reading “Brave New Climate “main message” and “target audience””

“Brave New Climate” comments policy updated

The anti-renewable propaganda site “Brave New Climate” just got a brand new extra page for their “comments policy”. One change is that people are now required to refrain from any appeal against the decisions of the anonymous “moderator”. That of course would have meant that the purge of their only remaining voice of reason, anonymousContinue reading ““Brave New Climate” comments policy updated”