Barry Brook Likes Nuclear Energy

That’s not much of a headline there. But he just published an article on the recent Japanese Cabinet approved “Revolutionary Energy Strategy”, disapproving of the nuclear phase-out it has decided. I am not sure if anyone in a position to actually influence Japanese energy policy cares what Barry Brook thinks. And I am not sureContinue reading “Barry Brook Likes Nuclear Energy”

When Will the Fossil Nukes Ever Move On?

Mark Lynas wrote another unsurprising article at the Guardian titled “Without nuclear, the battle against global warming is as good as lost”. As anybody paying a minimum of attention knows, Lynas is still trying to push nuclear as a solution to global warming. His latest effort was triggered by the new Japanese energy strategy, whichContinue reading “When Will the Fossil Nukes Ever Move On?”

Matthew Hulbert Making Up His Own Reality at Forbes

Matthew Hulbert has written about the decision of the Japanese government to bury nuclear energy in Japan at Forbes. Reading that article, one might get the impression that nuclear is still not dead in Japan. Let’ s take a couple of moments to debunk some of his more glaring mistakes. He starts off in hisContinue reading “Matthew Hulbert Making Up His Own Reality at Forbes”

James Conca Misinformed _and_ Just Plain Lazy

Last week I blogged about one of the most blatant collections of clearly false anti-renewable propaganda concerning German energy policy I had seen in a long time, authored by one James Conca and somehow published under the Forbes brand. Now Craig Morris, who actually knows what he’s talking about when discussing Germany, has kindly takenContinue reading “James Conca Misinformed _and_ Just Plain Lazy”

Nuclear Energy Hopeless as Climate Change Solution

I just read the “Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012” published in July and authored by Mycle Schneider and Antony Frogatt. Thanks to this Tweet by Energywende Germany for the link. Anybody who still believes nuclear energy might have something to contribute to climate change mitigation is well advised to have a look at the aboutContinue reading “Nuclear Energy Hopeless as Climate Change Solution”

Either renewable or nuclear

My interest in energy issues is based on the desire to do something about global warming. Nuclear energy is a low carbon energy source. Therefore, someone worried about global warming might be inclined to support nuclear energy. Even if there are safety issues with radioactivity, these might be less serious than the avoided CO2 emissions.Continue reading “Either renewable or nuclear”

Anti-renewable smear campaign from Fossil Nukes

Stephen Lacey just posted at Climate Progress with the title “Can Clean Energy Strike Back Against the Growing Smear Campaign? The post describes well-financed efforts to smear solar and wind in the United States with all sorts of lies. Lacey thinks fossil fuel interests are behind these efforts. He may be right. It is ofContinue reading “Anti-renewable smear campaign from Fossil Nukes”

Barry Brook right about something

Barry Brook just published another anti-renewable propaganda piece, closing with “we can’t ignore nuclear”. He gets one thing right in that particular column: “Indeed, I would argue that the principal limitations on nuclear fission are not technical, economic or fuel-related (as the AETA report points out), but are instead linked to complex issues of societalContinue reading “Barry Brook right about something”

IEA report on medium-term renewable market

Has just been released. Unfortunately, the IEA operates on an outdated business model where they hide their main report behind a massive paywall. People are expected to pay 100 euro for a 182 page book (or 80 for the PDF-file). In contrast, the World Bank has shifted since July 1st to publishing their data openly.Continue reading “IEA report on medium-term renewable market”