Great German Failure

Supporters of nuclear energy that are opposed to renewable (my definition of the term “Fossil Nuke”) usually don’t have much reason to be happy. Most news is bad for their point of view. Japan switching off all the reactors. France’s government wanting to reduce the nuclear share. Germany phasing out its nuclear capacity. As BarryContinue reading “Great German Failure”

Anti-Solar Propaganda Fossil Nuke Post at “Brave New Climate”

Geoff Russell just posted at the “Brave New Climate” site about the wondrous advantages of nuclear energy and the complete failure of solar and wind energy to get anything done in Germany (link omitted on purpose). Thanks to this tweet by Rod Adams for the link. Here are a couple of gems, all in oneContinue reading “Anti-Solar Propaganda Fossil Nuke Post at “Brave New Climate””

Yomiuri Pro-Nuclear Editorial Inventing Facts about Germany

An English translation of yet another anti-renewable propaganda pro-nuclear Yomiuri editorial was just posted. I am pleased, since I expect any such Fossil Nuke article at Yomiuri to contain multiple easily refuted errors, so I get something to write about. For one, the most serious error is this: In Germany, which introduced a similar systemContinue reading “Yomiuri Pro-Nuclear Editorial Inventing Facts about Germany”

Rod Adams: Desertec “Real Dumb & Arrogant Fantasy”

Fossil Nuke Rod Adams has a bit of fun with the latest BBC article on some problems with Desertec, and tweeted this:  BBC News – Solar storm as desert plan to power Europe falters  Always has been a really dumb & arrogant fantasy That is great extra motivation to just do it anyway, of course. Update:Continue reading “Rod Adams: Desertec “Real Dumb & Arrogant Fantasy””

Dieter Helm Wrong: Renewable Can Eliminate CO2 Emissions

Dieter Helm’s recent New York Times op-ed article proposing carbon taxes is wrong on so many accounts that a whole series of posts is necessary to address his many errors. This post will discuss the following misguided observation by Helm, which is anti-renewable propaganda as well as completely wrong: Europe’s “answer” to global warming is wind farmsContinue reading “Dieter Helm Wrong: Renewable Can Eliminate CO2 Emissions”

German Nuclear Phaseout is Done Deal, Move On Already

Mark Lynas kindly discussed a bit about nuclear energy with me on Twitter, asking why I would oppose keeping nuclear on the grid in Germany while understanding it is a low carbon source. Actually, I can’t recall having opposed keeping nuclear on the grid in Germany. But if one would ask for the reasons forContinue reading “German Nuclear Phaseout is Done Deal, Move On Already”