Solar Costs Known, Nuclear Costs Unknown

Eduard Porter makes the case for nuclear energy as a countermeasure to global warming in the New York Times. I learned of that article by reading the thorough debunking of the cost assumptions for nuclear by Charles Komaneff here. Thanks in turn to this tweet by Chris Nelder for that link. As Komaneff points outContinue reading “Solar Costs Known, Nuclear Costs Unknown”

Nuclear Stocks Way Down

I recall that I have done a “List of Global Warming Stocks” a couple of weeks ago, with a view of investing my own money (I am expecting some cash from an inheritance in the next couple of months). There is no nuclear power company on that list. And maybe that’s a good idea. MycleContinue reading “Nuclear Stocks Way Down”

Nuclear Decline in Germany Not Compensated 100 Percent by Renewable

One of the recent pro-nuclear talking points is the fact that there is still coal burned in the German electricity sector. For example, this tweet by Steve Aplin, retweeted by the enemy of renewable energy Rod Adams: Why is Germany burning more coal after closing nukes? Because coal = real electricity. Wind can’t provide it.Continue reading “Nuclear Decline in Germany Not Compensated 100 Percent by Renewable”

World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

The latest edition has been released yesterday. Here are a couple of facts from that report. By early 2009, 31 applications for new reactors were pending in the United States. Only four started actually building, none of that with private capital. Operating reactors are being closed as uneconomic for the first time in fifteen yearsContinue reading “World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013”

I Wish David Roberts Was Wrong

He just posted an article titled “Some thoughts on Pandora’s Promise and the nuclear debate”. I find myself agreeing with most of his points. I share these views of his article: Radiation risks of nuclear are much less serious than risks from global warming or from coal. People should dump coal before nuclear. Nuclear energyContinue reading “I Wish David Roberts Was Wrong”

Craig Morris Retires Fossil Nuke German Coal Myth

Craig Morris just posted at with the nice headline “Germany builds minus six coal plants after nuclear phaseout”. Based on this source by the German NGO “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” (PDF), he looks in detail at which coal power plants projects were started and finished exactly when. The result is that no coal power plants areContinue reading “Craig Morris Retires Fossil Nuke German Coal Myth”

Grid Cost and Renewable in Germany

This is another post discussing the latest weirdness from Barry Brook. He just posted an article claiming that the “system cost” for solar is the highest of all alternatives, and cited a “new report from the OECD” as his source. The “high” estimate from that report for solar is 83 dollars per MW at 30%Continue reading “Grid Cost and Renewable in Germany”

Transport of Solar Panels Talking Point

There is a new anti-solar talking point up at the “Brave New Climate” propaganda blog (link omitted on purpose). The author has discovered that it would actually cost way too much to transport all those solar panels. There would be unbelievable numbers of trucks necessary to get the job done. I must admit that IContinue reading “Transport of Solar Panels Talking Point”

Fossil Nukes Just Discovered Altmaier Statement

Barry Brook on Twitter, two hours ago: Germany’s energy policy will cost $1.3 trillion & lead to increased future CO2 emissions due to more coal usage: Link to “Nextbigfuture” blog. Of course, both of these statements are wrong. I have debunked Altmaier’s estimate already, so let’s just link to a couple of related posts: (1)Continue reading “Fossil Nukes Just Discovered Altmaier Statement”

How to Make Germany’s CO2 Record Look Worse

I was somewhat surprised to read this recent tweet by Rod Adams: Since 2010, German CO2 up by 12%. Seems like the wrong direction to me. “Renewables” not making up for loss of 8 nukes. That’s because I wrote about “Great German Failure” and “Great German Success” only about a week ago, based on theContinue reading “How to Make Germany’s CO2 Record Look Worse”