Congratulations to the German Government

Bloomberg New Energy Finance just reported on the level of investment in 2015. And there is great news for Germany. The 2014 reform of the Act on Renewable Energy (formerly the Act on Priority for Renewable Energy) has reduced investment in Germany to a measly $10.6 billion, down 42% from 2014. That’s fantastic news, ifContinue reading “Congratulations to the German Government”

German Green Party Changing Their Goals?

In this interview former Member of Parliament Hans-Josef Fell (Green Party) says that some of his fellow Greens want to move the goalposts. The existing policy is to aim for 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030 and 100 percent of all energy renewable by 2040. The new goals would scrap the 2030 and 2040 goals andContinue reading “German Green Party Changing Their Goals?”

Energy Union and Climate Change Policy Report

Tomorrow the Juncker EU Commission will be in office for one year. For the occasion they have prepared overview reports on what they have achieved in that time frame. The report for energy and climate is here (PDF). Page 3 of the report states that 53% of EU energy is imported at a cost ofContinue reading “Energy Union and Climate Change Policy Report”

Electricity Price In Germany Up By Close To 1 (One) Euro A Month

There is a bit of good news from Germany. The renewable energy surcharge for next year is up to 6.354 cents per kWh. That’s the highest value in history. Assuming a four person household using 5,000 kWh a year, that works out to around 11 Euro year in additional cost. That’s close to 1 (One)Continue reading “Electricity Price In Germany Up By Close To 1 (One) Euro A Month”

China’s “Green Dispatch” Policy

Bobby Magill reports at Cleantechnica on this new development. “Clean Dispatch” means using low carbon sources of electricity with priority. From the Cleantechnica article: “China’s ‘green dispatch’ system will prioritize power generation from renewable resources, and establish guidelines to accept electricity first from the most efficient and lowest-polluting fossil fuel generators,” the presidents’ joint statementContinue reading “China’s “Green Dispatch” Policy”

It Takes Only Until 2155 To Finish Off Fossil Fuel In Germany

Volker Quaschning talks in this Youtube video about the German transition to renewable energy (in German). He calculated how long it will take to get to 100 percent renewable energy assuming the present policy under the 2014 Renewable Energy Law is kept in place. His result: Until 2155. In contrast, to stay under a 2Continue reading “It Takes Only Until 2155 To Finish Off Fossil Fuel In Germany”

EU Commission Renewable Energy Progress Report

The EU Commission has published a report on the progress of Member States at achieving the goal of a 20 percent share of renewable energy until 2020. Here are some highlights. Figure 1 above shows the big picture. As of 2014, 15.3% of all EU energy consumption comes from renewable sources. The heating and coolingContinue reading “EU Commission Renewable Energy Progress Report”

Flaw In Japanese Feed-in Tariff

Yesterday’s Asahi Shinbun (print edition) had a short article about plans to change the Japanese feed-in tariff. The government wants to hold expert hearings this month and get legislation done in time to have it apply from next April on. Right now, the amount of a feed-in tariff depends on when a project got approved,Continue reading “Flaw In Japanese Feed-in Tariff”