Net Zero in European Green Deal

The Commission has published a draft Regulation to implement the European Green Deal. It sets 2050 as a goal for getting to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Having thought about that “net zero” term before, I was wondering how carbon sinks figure into that. Recital 12 of the draft reads: “The Union should aim toContinue reading “Net Zero in European Green Deal”

European Green Deal and Fossil Fuel Antitrust Exemption

I just wrote an article with that title. Published in my public Dropbox folder here. The European Green Deal is the main policy of the new EU Commission. It wants to make Europe the first climate neutral continent. And there is a sense of urgency. The Commissioner in charge compared the situation with a largeContinue reading “European Green Deal and Fossil Fuel Antitrust Exemption”

New Deal of Energy Resources Cards

The European Green Deal is obviously a good idea for climate policy. Even if you think that emissions should be reduced faster than getting to climate neutral by 2050, it is moving at least in the right direction. But it is also a move in the right direction if you think about how energy resourcesContinue reading “New Deal of Energy Resources Cards”

Volker Quaschning Speech

A speech on recent German renewable energy policy (in German). I agree with most of his positions. Some highlights: While Germany has had some success introducing renewable sources in the electricity sector, there are also the heating and traffic sectors to worry about. With the present speed of building new capacity it will take farContinue reading “Volker Quaschning Speech”

Mine Gas Feed-in Tariff as Precedent for Hydrogen FiT

I recall speculating about the possibility of a feed-in tariff for power to gas hydrogen in Germany yesterday. Meanwhile I noticed that there is a precedent for this in the EEG, which is the feed-in tariff for mine gas. Mine gas is mostly methane that comes with extracting coal. It needs to be pumped outContinue reading “Mine Gas Feed-in Tariff as Precedent for Hydrogen FiT”

Feed-in Tariff for Hydrogen?

Recently legislation to further slow down renewable energy in Germany passed Parliament on July 8th (link to the debate in the Bundestag, link to the debate in the Bundesrat). One of the motives of supporters of the transition to a much slower development of renewable energy seems to be that they are worried about theContinue reading “Feed-in Tariff for Hydrogen?”

EU General Court Approves Commission Power Grab

The Third Chamber of the General Court of the European Union has ruled on the action Germany brought against the Commission power grab. They agree with the Commission view that the 2012 version German feed-in tariff is “State Aid”. That in turn gives the Commission the power to make all sorts of demands on theContinue reading “EU General Court Approves Commission Power Grab”

The Miserable Failure of the German 2014 Renewable Energy Law Reform

The German government has in its infinite wisdom dumped the successful feed-in tariffs and is transitioning to a ┬ámodel based on auctions instead. Now the latest report on investment levels in 2015 was published, and it shows some rather embarrassing figures. Investment in Germany was down compared to 2014 by a whopping 46%, leaving theContinue reading “The Miserable Failure of the German 2014 Renewable Energy Law Reform”

0.07 Percent of Germany’s Area Used For Solar

The report by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the first couple of solar project auctions┬ánotes on page 6 an estimate of about 25,500 hectares of real estate used for ground-based large scale solar projects in Germany. That’s 255 square kilometers. Germany’s total area is 357,168 square kilometers. So those 255 squareContinue reading “0.07 Percent of Germany’s Area Used For Solar”

The Resounding Success of German Solar Auctions

The German government has decided to dump the previous simple feed-in tariff system and change it to a model based on auctions. As a first step, the last reform of the Law on Renewable Energy in 2014 introduced this model for large scale ground based solar projects. In January, a report on the first threeContinue reading “The Resounding Success of German Solar Auctions”