Volker Quaschning Wrong

That is a “man bites dog” headline. Stop the presses, I found a point where I disagree with his opinions. Does not happen often. Quaschning recently blasted the new German hydrogen strategy, saying it is only done in order to misdirect people away from the government’s renewable energy policy failures, that hydrogen is extremely expensiveContinue reading “Volker Quaschning Wrong”

German Hydrogen Strategy

According to this Handelsblatt article by Klaus Stratman, the German Cabinet will approve the Hydrogen Strategy that has been discussed for some time now tomorrow. I have been writing lots of posts about hydrogen on this blog over the years. So I welcome the fact that Germany will put some effort in getting green hydrogenContinue reading “German Hydrogen Strategy”

German Offshore Wind Law Draft

Just published by the Federal Economy Ministry and approved by the Cabinet. Germany wants to achieve 20 GW until 2030 and 40 GW until 2040. As usual now prices are set by auctions, with a new twist. Since people are starting to bid 0 cents (meaning no feed-in tariff payments at all) the new lawContinue reading “German Offshore Wind Law Draft”

German EEG Reform Decided at Cabinet

Now the German Cabinet has decided to go ahead with the idea of radically changing the system of financing renewable energy in place since 20 years. In the future, much of the revenue will come from the federal budget. And that in place will come from a price of 25 Euro per ton of CO2.Continue reading “German EEG Reform Decided at Cabinet”

German Green Decision on Abolishing Renewable Law

As Klimareporter explains, the recent proposal by German green politicians to abolish the law on renewable energy has found a majority at their recent party convention. They are going after one of the key elements of the 2000 law, which is funding by electricity users, as opposed to funding by taxpayers. They want to reduceContinue reading “German Green Decision on Abolishing Renewable Law”

German Greens Want to Abolish Feed-in Tariff Surcharge

I was surprised to see German Green politicians propose reducing the feed-in tariff surcharge by 5 cents. They leave mostly unanswered what should replace that revenue stream, but it looks like they want some kind of financing from tax revenues. That is a bad idea. Hans-Josef Fell (one of the original authors of the GermanContinue reading “German Greens Want to Abolish Feed-in Tariff Surcharge”

ETS and Corona Crisis

Hans-Josef Fell just published his thoughts on how the corona crisis influences the debate on climate (in German). He mentioned that the price for emission permits under the EU emission trading system (ETS) has gone down, along with everything else. That in turn means that there is less incentive for avoiding emissions. That is correct,Continue reading “ETS and Corona Crisis”

Net Zero in European Green Deal

The Commission has published a draft Regulation to implement the European Green Deal. It sets 2050 as a goal for getting to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Having thought about that “net zero” term before, I was wondering how carbon sinks figure into that. Recital 12 of the draft reads: “The Union should aim toContinue reading “Net Zero in European Green Deal”

European Green Deal and Fossil Fuel Antitrust Exemption

I just wrote an article with that title. Published in my public Dropbox folder here. The European Green Deal is the main policy of the new EU Commission. It wants to make Europe the first climate neutral continent. And there is a sense of urgency. The Commissioner in charge compared the situation with a largeContinue reading “European Green Deal and Fossil Fuel Antitrust Exemption”

New Deal of Energy Resources Cards

The European Green Deal is obviously a good idea for climate policy. Even if you think that emissions should be reduced faster than getting to climate neutral by 2050, it is moving at least in the right direction. But it is also a move in the right direction if you think about how energy resourcesContinue reading “New Deal of Energy Resources Cards”