Twice the Sunshine, Half the Cost

That’s what Masayoshi Son had to say about his plans to invest $20 billion in the Indian solar energy market. Softbank already has some experience with solar projects in Japan. But solar resources in India are twice as good. And projects cost only half. So if it makes sense to build solar projects in JapanContinue reading “Twice the Sunshine, Half the Cost”

Renewable Desalination

That’s the name of a website ( I found it over this tweet by Michael Liebreich, who likes the idea. The website explains real life experience with using solar power for desalination in Baja California Sur, Mexico. One of the advantages of doing this: Once renewable energy gets to large scale, there will be manyContinue reading “Renewable Desalination”

Saudi Arabia May Become The Saudi Arabia Of Solar

I recall that adviser of the Mongolian President Tsagaan called for Mongolia to become “the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy” a couple of years ago. I also expected at the time that Saudi Arabia might be interested in getting there first. Now there is a headline about the Saudi oil minister wanting to talk aboutContinue reading “Saudi Arabia May Become The Saudi Arabia Of Solar”

GEZEN Open Letter on Greek Helios Project

Hans Bienfait sent me the following open letter in a comment, and asked for my thoughts on this proposal. I generally agree with this open letter. Therefore I am happy to reproduce it in full. I will add some comments at the end. H.E. Mr. H. Kamp, Groningen, 2015, May 8th Minister of Economic AffairsContinue reading “GEZEN Open Letter on Greek Helios Project”

Interview With Moncef Ben Abdallah on Solar in Tunisia

Moncef Ben Abdallah is a Senior Advisor to the Tunisian Ministry of Energy. Christian Roselund interviewed him, an eight minute video is here. (Note aside to SolarPV-TV: I was unable to embed this video in my WordPress blog.) They talk in that video about the plans to increase solar energy in Tunisia. I learn thatContinue reading “Interview With Moncef Ben Abdallah on Solar in Tunisia”

Colored Solar Panels and Solar Geoglyphs

So I had this idea of making some geoglyphs with solar panels last Sunday, when discussing advertising income as a funding source for solar projects. If you look at pictures of solar park installations, you see large numbers of solar panels without any advertising message. And they all look the same. One way to changeContinue reading “Colored Solar Panels and Solar Geoglyphs”

Solar Capacity Per Capita Country Ranking 2014

The IEA has released a short report on solar capacity figures titled “2014 – Snapshot of Global PV Markets“. Page 12 of the report shows this neat table ranking the top 10 solar countries: That’s nice, since it shows Germany still at the top spot in cumulative capacity. On the other hand, Germany will loseContinue reading “Solar Capacity Per Capita Country Ranking 2014”

Munich Re Continues to Back Desert Based Solar

Says this article at PV-Tech. They cite Munich Re renewable energy spokesman Stefan Straub like this: “The concept phase is closed and something new needs to be developed. The three main companies that remain in Dii will continue this development as they are industrial companies and project leading companies, which we are not.” But heContinue reading “Munich Re Continues to Back Desert Based Solar”

Desertec Setback

Most of the participating companies in the “Desertec industrial initiative (Dii)” have decided not to extend their membership over the end of this year. After this decision, Dii is left only with the World’s largest electric utility company (SGCC), one of the largest German utilities (RWE), and ACWA from Saudi Arabia. These are still some seriousContinue reading “Desertec Setback”