German Hydrogen Strategy

According to this Handelsblatt article by Klaus Stratman, the German Cabinet will approve the Hydrogen Strategy that has been discussed for some time now tomorrow. I have been writing lots of posts about hydrogen on this blog over the years. So I welcome the fact that Germany will put some effort in getting green hydrogenContinue reading “German Hydrogen Strategy”

DLD 2020 Bitcoin Energy Panel

There was some informed comment on how bitcoin mining helps with solving the climate emergency, as opposed to being a part of the problem. The conference for this panel was the “DLD Munich”, which means “Digital Life Design”. It was founded in 2005, is backed by a large German media company, and attracts a lotContinue reading “DLD 2020 Bitcoin Energy Panel”

Shade from Desert Solar Panels

This Bloomberg article describes one of the largest solar panel projects of the world, with a scale of 2 GW built in China. I learned from that article that putting large numbers of solar panels in an arid area has another benefit I wasn’t aware of. From the article: Shade provided by the project’s panelsContinue reading “Shade from Desert Solar Panels”

Mojave Desert Project

Good news from the United States: The Obama administration is coming up with a “Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan”, according to Carolyn Lochhead at the San Francisco Chronicle. That plan would make available up to 2,000 square miles of desert public land available for large scale solar development. Of course some “environmentalists” worried more aboutContinue reading “Mojave Desert Project”

Christian Roselund On “Capacity Factor Limit”

I recall that I discussed the strange theory of limiting the market share of some variable renewable energy technology by its capacity factor a couple of days ago. Now Christian Roselund goes into more detail. He agrees with me. There is no reason why the share of solar in some grid or other should beContinue reading “Christian Roselund On “Capacity Factor Limit””