Google Book Case Appellate Decision

I’ll take a short break from solving global warming and go back to the Author’s Guild case against Google. The appellate decision has been published, and it affirms Google’s “fair use” right to use plaintiffs’ books in their “Google Books” project. I disagree with that decision. For one, the Appellate Court relies on the factContinue reading “Google Book Case Appellate Decision”

Book Review: The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger

This is a very strange book. How come this got to be a best seller? There is nothing at all happening in the whole goddam book. The plot is boring as hell. I was always waiting that the goddam story would actually BEGIN some time. But it didn’t. It really never started. There was nothingContinue reading “Book Review: The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger”

Computers Writing Books

I have not discussed copyright on this blog for some time. But here is an interesting article about computers writing books at Huffington Post. The author describes several recent developments in automated authorship. There are already hundreds of thousands of books available for sale that were generated by computer software. One aspect the author doesn’tContinue reading “Computers Writing Books”

Legal Inventions: Feed-in Tariff and General Public License

I recall having started this blog about ten years ago. Until the Fukushima accident, my main interest here was copyright. I have not lost that interest. As soon as that little global warming problem is under control in a couple of years I am looking ahead to spend more time discussing intellectual property again. OneContinue reading “Legal Inventions: Feed-in Tariff and General Public License”

Book Review: German Energy Transition by Craig Morris and Martin Pehnt

This book is somewhat unique: it is actually mainly a website, found here. However, for the purpose of the review I prefer reading it in a book format. Fortunately, the authors also provide all the content in one PDF-file. My remarks here are based on that. For starters, two comments about the format. The PDFContinue reading “Book Review: German Energy Transition by Craig Morris and Martin Pehnt”

Hey, IEA, Release Your Reports Under Creative Commons Licenses Already!

I have been reading the executive summary of the latest IEA World Energy Outlook, and I will comment on that in a different post. With this post I would like to ask why the IEA thinks it is appropriate to charge users 120 euros for a simple PDF file of the whole report (690 pages).Continue reading “Hey, IEA, Release Your Reports Under Creative Commons Licenses Already!”

Cory Doctorow “Pirate Cinema” All Rights Reserved?!?

This is a review of Cory Doctorow’s latest book “Pirate Cinema” I just posted to I was very surprised by the ending. Actually, I am not sure that my Kindle is not malfunctioning. Just to be sure, I just double-checked before writing this review (I finished reading yesterday). Yes. Again, there it is: “AllContinue reading “Cory Doctorow “Pirate Cinema” All Rights Reserved?!?”

IEA report on medium-term renewable market

Has just been released. Unfortunately, the IEA operates on an outdated business model where they hide their main report behind a massive paywall. People are expected to pay 100 euro for a 182 page book (or 80 for the PDF-file). In contrast, the World Bank has shifted since July 1st to publishing their data openly.Continue reading “IEA report on medium-term renewable market”

Falkvinge’s refrigerator fee

Rick Falkvinge has a new blog post up where he compares the copyright industry to the ice distribution industry that was made obsolete by the introduction of refrigerators. That makes sense if you are already convinced that the copyright industry is obsolete and useless in the Internet age. In that case, it is an interestingContinue reading “Falkvinge’s refrigerator fee”