Book Review: Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ministry of the Future

This book was released in October 2020. I liked many things about it and disliked some others. Let’s get rid of the negative points first. This is supposed to be fiction, but the story is incoherent. Readers are treated to lots of completely different sets of characters and independent short stories. The whole thing feelsContinue reading “Book Review: Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ministry of the Future”

Don’t Say “Climate Change”, Say “Everything Change”

That’s what Margaret Atwood recommends. I learned about that at this blog post by Daniel Bloom titled “The Everything Change Bagel”. I agree with the reasons for this proposal. It is true: “Climate Change” sounds like you are talking about the weather. What’s the big deal if it gets a couple of degrees warmer? ThatContinue reading “Don’t Say “Climate Change”, Say “Everything Change””

Book Review: “Solar” by Ian McEwan

Link to Amazon Kindle edition. I found this in this Amazon list of global warming fiction, which in turn I found at this post in the Facebook Climate Change Fiction group. This is another excellent global warming novel. As well it should be. The author has his own Wikipedia pageĀ and has been featured on aContinue reading “Book Review: “Solar” by Ian McEwan”

Book Review: Star’s Reach, by John Michael Greer

Link to Kindle version. This is one of the best global warming fiction books I have read. It is set in what is left of the United States a couple of hundred years in the future. All the fossil fuel is burnt, all the ice is gone, sea levels are much higher, and there isContinue reading “Book Review: Star’s Reach, by John Michael Greer”

Book Review: Don’t Even Think About It, by George Marshall

Don’t Even Think About It – Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change, by George Marshall, link to the Kindle edition. This review is in the “Global Warming Fiction” section, though it is not fiction. But I recommend reading it for anyone writing global warming fiction. And anyone concerned about how to improveContinue reading “Book Review: Don’t Even Think About It, by George Marshall”

Book Review: “Nature’s Confession” by J.L. Morin

This was not for me. I struggled to keep reading to the end. I eventually made it. That’sĀ because this is global warming fiction. Any book from that category gets a large advance bonus from me for even trying. And the fact that the author kindly sent me an advance review copy, which made me feelContinue reading “Book Review: “Nature’s Confession” by J.L. Morin”

Book Review: Superintelligence

By Oxford professor Nick Bostrom. Link to Amazon Kindle edition. This book has its own Wikipedia page. I read it because Elon Musk recommended it in this Tweet. The main argument, as far as I understand it: Artificial intelligence may improve to levels far exceeding those of human intelligence. This may happen very fast, inContinue reading “Book Review: Superintelligence”

Book Review: Origin Mystery Series by A.G. Riddle

This is a series of three books. The Atlantis Gene, The Atlantis Plague, and The Atlantis World. They are science fiction, involving different alien worlds, and deal with climate change only in passing. However, those few climate change references were rather interesting. I learned from this series that the most severe short-term climate change eventContinue reading “Book Review: Origin Mystery Series by A.G. Riddle”

Book Review: Odds Against Tomorrow

By Nathaniel Rich, link to Kindle edition here. I bought this because it received a NEVIL award, as did my own global warming science fiction novel “Last Week” (FREE PDF file for that here). This novel would be improved by just scrapping the third part. None of that makes sense to me. Especially the mainContinue reading “Book Review: Odds Against Tomorrow”

Book Review: Surviving Abe

Surviving Abe: A Climate-Fiction Novel by J.Z. O’Brien, link to the Kindle edition I bought. This is not, as someone living in Japan (like me) might think, about the Japanese Prime Minister. It is also not so much about global warming. The “Abe” in the title is a destructive storm, but it only sets theContinue reading “Book Review: Surviving Abe”