Book Review: All-Electric America

All-Electric America was written by S. David Freeman, who was born in 1926 and has a long career as CEO of various energy companies. The second author is Leah Y. Parks, a journalist covering the electricity sector. The Kindle edition of this book (which I read) was published in October 2015. This is an excellentContinue reading “Book Review: All-Electric America”

Book Review of TimeWars: Manifest Destiny, by Jason Fairchilds

Timewars: Manifest Destiny by Jason Fairchild Review The plot in brief: Scientists develop a time machine in 2015. While testing, they find out that in the near future the “Bram” alien race will invade Earth and use it as a base for harvesting. They send drone harvesting machines that take away anything in their path, leavingContinue reading “Book Review of TimeWars: Manifest Destiny, by Jason Fairchilds”

Book Review: Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, by Tony Seba, 2014, link to Amazon page. Tony Seba has a background in the information industry. He was an early employee at CISCO and then went on to working for or founding various companies in the sector. He is also teaching on the subjects of this book atContinue reading “Book Review: Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”

Don’t Say “Climate Change”, Say “Everything Change”

That’s what Margaret Atwood recommends. I learned about that at this blog post by Daniel Bloom titled “The Everything Change Bagel”. I agree with the reasons for this proposal. It is true: “Climate Change” sounds like you are talking about the weather. What’s the big deal if it gets a couple of degrees warmer? ThatContinue reading “Don’t Say “Climate Change”, Say “Everything Change””

New Book by Jeremy Leggett

I just finished reading the first couple of chapters of a new book by Jeremy Leggett released today. I recall having reviewed (favorably) his 2013 book “The Energy of Nations” on this blog. The title of this book is “The Winning of the Carbon War”. Leggett has released the first part as a free downloadContinue reading “New Book by Jeremy Leggett”

Book Review: “Solar” by Ian McEwan

Link to Amazon Kindle edition. I found this in this Amazon list of global warming fiction, which in turn I found at this post in the Facebook Climate Change Fiction group. This is another excellent global warming novel. As well it should be. The author has his own Wikipedia page and has been featured on aContinue reading “Book Review: “Solar” by Ian McEwan”

Book Review: Star’s Reach, by John Michael Greer

Link to Kindle version. This is one of the best global warming fiction books I have read. It is set in what is left of the United States a couple of hundred years in the future. All the fossil fuel is burnt, all the ice is gone, sea levels are much higher, and there isContinue reading “Book Review: Star’s Reach, by John Michael Greer”

Book Review: Don’t Even Think About It, by George Marshall

Don’t Even Think About It – Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change, by George Marshall, link to the Kindle edition. This review is in the “Global Warming Fiction” section, though it is not fiction. But I recommend reading it for anyone writing global warming fiction. And anyone concerned about how to improveContinue reading “Book Review: Don’t Even Think About It, by George Marshall”