Bitcoin not E-money Under the EU Electronic Money Directive

One of the strategic questions for Bitcoin is how it will interact with regulation. I recall that E-gold has been shut down by the American government under allegations of money laundering and operating a Money Transferring Business without the necessary licenses. In contrast to E-gold, the Bitcoin network lacks a single issuer. No government canContinue reading “Bitcoin not E-money Under the EU Electronic Money Directive”

Virtual Autograph Using Bitcoin

I started this blog in January 2003. One of my first posts ever, published on 7 January 2003, had this to say under the title “Virtual Autograph”: Anyone can buy PGP 8.0 Personal Edition from Phil Zimmermann, the original author. I don’t know if there is a market for the idea, but instead of selling exactlyContinue reading “Virtual Autograph Using Bitcoin”

Seizure Warrant Against Mutum Sigillum

The United States District Court in Maryland has issued a Seizure Warrant against a company called Mutum Sigillum (which seems to be Latin and mean something like “silent seal”). The Warrant authorizes to seize funds of Mutum Sigillum stored at the Dwolla account No. 812-649-1010. Dwolla operates an online payment service that is open onlyContinue reading “Seizure Warrant Against Mutum Sigillum”

400 ppM CO2 Irrelevant

There are multiple people on my Twitter timeline mentioning the fact that CO2 levels have passed 400 ppM for the first time. Let’s just point to this well informed and interesting explanation by Peter Gleick on Scienceblogs, titled “The Last Time Atmospheric CO2 was at 400 parts per Million Humans Didn’t Exist“. As Gleick explains,Continue reading “400 ppM CO2 Irrelevant”

Living One Week On Bitcoin Final Party Youtube Video

Forbes journalist Kashmir Hill has tried the experiment to live one week paying for everything only with bitcoins. The first blog post of this series is here, and it has links to the remaining posts (one for each day of the experiment). I have enjoyed reading this and recommend it. Now she has posted aContinue reading “Living One Week On Bitcoin Final Party Youtube Video”

Bitcoin As a Metaphor For Fossil Fuel

Bitcoin has been getting some initial attention lately. Much of that comes from the fact that someone buying bitcoins at $2 only about two years ago would have made a profit of 10,000% if they had sold at the latest record high of over $200. That’s not bad for two years. It’s a way toContinue reading “Bitcoin As a Metaphor For Fossil Fuel”