ETH Easy To Hack

Congratulations to Ethereum for switching from proof of work to proof of stake. Since they stopped competing on proof of work network security, they made sure that they will never be able to win against Bitcoin in that competition. And since proof of work is the basis for security, they made sure that their projectContinue reading “ETH Easy To Hack”

Book Review: The Cryptopians, by Laura Shin

This book was released on 22.2.2022, which is a date with a lot of numbers 2 in it. That is a good fit to its topic, the 2nd best blockchain by market cap, the Ethereum project. I liked reading this book and recommend it to anyone interested in the space. I have a very lowContinue reading “Book Review: The Cryptopians, by Laura Shin”

Ban Cars Before Bitcoin

Some people want to ban Bitcoin mining because it uses much energy, increasing the safety of the system to levels no other blockchain has. As far as global warming is the motivation for that, the impact would be limited compared to banning gasoline cars. That is because much more people use cars than use Bitcoin.Continue reading “Ban Cars Before Bitcoin”

Bitcoin to the Rescue

El Salvador will issue a Bitcoin Bond with the ticker symbol EBB1. Half of the money (500 million dollars) will be used to buy and hold bitcoins, the other half for infrastructure investments, with geothermal energy from a volcano and bitcoin mining the main focus. Investors in the bond will get the option of permanentContinue reading “Bitcoin to the Rescue”

Book Review: Privacy and Identity Issues in Financial Transactions, by Carolin Kaiser

I am reading this excellent 2018 dissertation on a well deserved recommendation by Simon Lelieveldt. It is an extensive discussion of money laundering and data protection human rights standards. The main thesis of the book is that anti money laundering law is not compatible with basic human rights standards. I approve. For the very least,Continue reading “Book Review: Privacy and Identity Issues in Financial Transactions, by Carolin Kaiser”

Book Review:Bobby C. Lee, The Promise of Bitcoin

This book was recently published. Having some interest in Bitcoin, I bought a copy on Kindle. What I liked best about it was the conviction the author has. As he remarks frequently, the only thing that matters is the long term development. And said long term development is good news for anyone buying and holding.Continue reading “Book Review:Bobby C. Lee, The Promise of Bitcoin”

Harry Sudock on Bitcoin Mining Energy

I just listened to the podcast “The Truth about Bitcoin’s Energy” with Harry Sudock on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast hosted by Peter McCormack. Sudock is working as a VP of Strategy for the “Griid Infrastructure” mining project. I learned that in the American market power lines don’t extend more than 500 miles. I learnedContinue reading “Harry Sudock on Bitcoin Mining Energy”

EU Climate State Aid Rules Draft

The EU Commission has published a draft of their revision of the State Aid Guidelines for renewable energy. The public has a chance to comment until August 2nd. This is a public comment on this draft. The existing 2014 version of the guidelines helped change the German law on renewable energy from a very successfulContinue reading “EU Climate State Aid Rules Draft”