Trustworthy Voting (Reprint From February 2003)

Reprint, original post here. Please read Freedom To Tinker: Computer Scientists’ Campaign for Trustworthy E-Voting. I have a few comments. 1. I am not a computer scientist, but as everyone who has taken even a small bite at crypto knows, there can be no trustworthy system that is built on obscurity. The recent trend toContinue reading “Trustworthy Voting (Reprint From February 2003)”

American Software Industry Not Dead Yet

Horns is celebrating a new paper by Berkeley Law School professor Merges “Patents, Entry and Growth in the Software Industry“,which he found here. That paper shows empirical proof that there is still a software industry left in America. From the abstract: “Whatever the effects of patents on the software industry, this paper concludes, they haveContinue reading “American Software Industry Not Dead Yet”

Here We Go Again

TPM quotes a Time article that says that the next illegal war of aggression (this time against Iran) might start in October. That would be before the next American elections. This time, the Americans might use nuclear weapons.

Legalizing Torture

The American government is proposing legislation to legalize their torture programs in violation of the Geneva Convention. That would be unfortunate, but still progress compared to the status quo, where they just do whatever they feel they want, without caring about what the law might require.

Pilch Draft

Hartmut Pilch has posted a draft “Toward a Copyright-Centered Paradigm of Intellectual Property”. He has been very active in the FFII, helping to defeat the proposal to legalize software patents in Europe, as a president at the time (he is still a vice president). However, this draft is only a “proposal” for long-term political demands,Continue reading “Pilch Draft”