DLD 2020 Bitcoin Energy Panel

There was some informed comment on how bitcoin mining helps with solving the climate emergency, as opposed to being a part of the problem. The conference for this panel was the “DLD Munich”, which means “Digital Life Design”. It was founded in 2005, is backed by a large German media company, and attracts a lotContinue reading “DLD 2020 Bitcoin Energy Panel”

Japan and Germany Failed Transition to Auction Models

(repost, copied from the backup at the LIbrary of Congress Archive of this blog, because I lost posts between 2016 and 2020 when moving to this new site. First posted October 23, 2018). Japan and Germany have one thing in common. Both countries managed to record declining investments in renewable energy in 2017. As the GlobalContinue reading “Japan and Germany Failed Transition to Auction Models”

Phase Out Fossil Fuel to Save the Industry

Hans-Josef Fell just documented how bad the fossil fuel industry is doing right now (in German). The oil and gas industry is big, but not actually making profits. There have been many bankruptcies already in the United States shale gas sector. And big oil companies like Exxon pay out much more to their shareholders thanContinue reading “Phase Out Fossil Fuel to Save the Industry”

New Deal of Energy Resources Cards

The European Green Deal is obviously a good idea for climate policy. Even if you think that emissions should be reduced faster than getting to climate neutral by 2050, it is moving at least in the right direction. But it is also a move in the right direction if you think about how energy resourcesContinue reading “New Deal of Energy Resources Cards”

How to Solve the Climate Emergency in One Week

At the occasion of migrating this blog to the new WordPress hosted site, I also changed the address for the PDF file of my book “Last Week”. It is available at k-lenz.de/lastweek now, at my Dropbox public folder. I wonder if anyone would be interested in how to solve that little problem in one week,Continue reading “How to Solve the Climate Emergency in One Week”

Auctions in German Coal Exit Law

The German cabinet approved the draft law for the coal exit yesterday. That law wants to use an auction model for deciding which coal plants are switched off at what time. The shift to an auction model in German renewable policy over the last couple of years was one of the main reasons for developmentContinue reading “Auctions in German Coal Exit Law”

Wind in Germany Down 80 Percent

The German wind energy industry association released numbers for 2019. Installations are down 80 percent compared to 2017. This is the lowest record since 2000, the year the law on priority for renewable energy was enacted. That does not look like success. This drastic failure comes after the support policy was changed to an auctionContinue reading “Wind in Germany Down 80 Percent”

Bitcoin as a Metaphor for Fossil Fuel

Repost, first written in 2013. Bitcoin has been getting some initial attention lately. Much of that comes from the fact that someone buying bitcoins at $2 only about two years ago would have made a profit of 10,000% if they had sold at the latest record high of over $200. That’s not bad for twoContinue reading “Bitcoin as a Metaphor for Fossil Fuel”

Japanese Self Defense Forces Renewable Energy Plan

According to Asahi Shimbun, Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono wants to get the Defense Ministry and the Self Defense Forces to 100 percent renewable energy. I think that is a great idea. If you think that the climate emergency is the biggest threat to security right now and there is an urgent need to doContinue reading “Japanese Self Defense Forces Renewable Energy Plan”