German EEG Reform Decided at Cabinet

Now the German Cabinet has decided to go ahead with the idea of radically changing the system of financing renewable energy in place since 20 years. In the future, much of the revenue will come from the federal budget. And that in place will come from a price of 25 Euro per ton of CO2.Continue reading “German EEG Reform Decided at Cabinet”

JK Rowling Does not Need to Understand Bitcoin

She just said she does not understand Bitcoin on Twitter and asked people to explain. And got lots of answers in a short time. I don’t understand Bitcoin either. At least not at the expert level some people who are concentrating full time on it. But that does not matter much. The unique thing aboutContinue reading “JK Rowling Does not Need to Understand Bitcoin”

EU Court of Justice Decisions Binding Unconditionally?

Sven Giegold just reported on a fast answer to his letter to EU Commission President von der Leyen. He is the leader of the Green Party in the European Parliament and does not agree with the recent decision of the German Constitutional Court on the PSPP program. Von der Leyen approves of his position. SheContinue reading “EU Court of Justice Decisions Binding Unconditionally?”

German Green Decision on Abolishing Renewable Law

As Klimareporter explains, the recent proposal by German green politicians to abolish the law on renewable energy has found a majority at their recent party convention. They are going after one of the key elements of the 2000 law, which is funding by electricity users, as opposed to funding by taxpayers. They want to reduceContinue reading “German Green Decision on Abolishing Renewable Law”

German Greens Want to Abolish Feed-in Tariff Surcharge

I was surprised to see German Green politicians propose reducing the feed-in tariff surcharge by 5 cents. They leave mostly unanswered what should replace that revenue stream, but it looks like they want some kind of financing from tax revenues. That is a bad idea. Hans-Josef Fell (one of the original authors of the GermanContinue reading “German Greens Want to Abolish Feed-in Tariff Surcharge”

“Planet of the Humans” Review

Just saw the film produced by Michael Moore and written by Jeff Gibbs. I saw a lot of people critical of the effort in my Twitter feed. Checking the film, I agree with the critics that the film presents a lot of inaccurate anti-renewable talking points. It is trying hard to show that renewable energyContinue reading ““Planet of the Humans” Review”

Government Buying Oil in the Ground

Jennifer A Dlouhy and Sheela Tobben report on plans of the United States government to buy oil that is still in the ground as part of their oil reserves. THe motive for this move is not that the government feels their reserves may be insufficient at the moment. The motive is that they noted theContinue reading “Government Buying Oil in the Ground”

ETS and Corona Crisis

Hans-Josef Fell just published his thoughts on how the corona crisis influences the debate on climate (in German). He mentioned that the price for emission permits under the EU emission trading system (ETS) has gone down, along with everything else. That in turn means that there is less incentive for avoiding emissions. That is correct,Continue reading “ETS and Corona Crisis”

Using Bitcoin as a Better OPEC

One of the consequences of the Coronavirus crisis is that the oil price has gone way down. There was even some talk about the Texas Railroad Commission going into the business of handing out production quotas again and joining the OPEC efforts as a countermeasure. The reason is obvious. With the economy reeling from theContinue reading “Using Bitcoin as a Better OPEC”