Fake Accounting Real Trouble

That is, in four words, the essence of global warming. The trouble is not that fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide. Or that in turn that leads to heating up the planet and all kinds of real trouble. Of course it does. But if burning fossil fuels came with Taking Responsibility for All Factors of cost,Continue reading “Fake Accounting Real Trouble”

EU Commission Communication Attacking Proof of Work

The EU Commission has published a Communication on “Digitalizing the Energy System – EU Action Plan”. It has a section 6.4 on energy consumption of cryptocurrencies which notes correctly that proof of work uses more energy than proof of stake, the consensus mechanism the ETH (easy to hack) project recently moved to. That of courseContinue reading “EU Commission Communication Attacking Proof of Work”

ETH Easy To Hack

Congratulations to Ethereum for switching from proof of work to proof of stake. Since they stopped competing on proof of work network security, they made sure that they will never be able to win against Bitcoin in that competition. And since proof of work is the basis for security, they made sure that their projectContinue reading “ETH Easy To Hack”

Book Review: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates

Written in 2020, the first thing sticking out was that there is no mention of the European Green Deal. I am not sure why. Another thing is that Gates is calling readers to run for office in an election. I am not aware of any political office Gates is running for himself. Maybe he thinksContinue reading “Book Review: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates”

Book Review: The Cryptopians, by Laura Shin

This book was released on 22.2.2022, which is a date with a lot of numbers 2 in it. That is a good fit to its topic, the 2nd best blockchain by market cap, the Ethereum project. I liked reading this book and recommend it to anyone interested in the space. I have a very lowContinue reading “Book Review: The Cryptopians, by Laura Shin”

Ban Cars Before Bitcoin

Some people want to ban Bitcoin mining because it uses much energy, increasing the safety of the system to levels no other blockchain has. As far as global warming is the motivation for that, the impact would be limited compared to banning gasoline cars. That is because much more people use cars than use Bitcoin.Continue reading “Ban Cars Before Bitcoin”

Fort Knox is Everywhere

I had an opportunity to discuss my ideas on solving global warming yesterday. I got a cool reception. One of the questions to my presentation was left without answer, for lack of time. So I write a couple of lines here instead. I was talking about the recent discussion on requiring permission to use electricityContinue reading “Fort Knox is Everywhere”