Estimating My Carbon Footprint

Thinking a bit now about what Bitcoin can do to help with the climate emergency, one way would be to help with the CDR (carbon direct removal) financing.

When thinking about markets for that, I was asking myself this question. How many tons of carbon is my personal footprint right now? How much would I need to remove to leave the world at least not off worse?

I was born in Germany in 1958. I lived there until 1995. Since then I am in Japan.

So the rough estimate to multiplicate the German emissions per capita for the years between 1958 and 1995. Then the Japanese figure for the years between 1996 and 2022 (the time when I am writing this).

The first factor is 37 years of time and 13 tons per year. I have taken figures from ourworldindata and rounded them a bit. That would result in 481 tons, so I round that up to 500.

The second factor is 27 years and 10 tons per year (again from the same source and rounded). That adds another 270 tons. Again rounding up to 300 I get 800 tons as a very rough estimate for my whole life until now.

It would be nice to know exactly how much it would cost to suck that amount of CO2 out of the ambient air and dispose of it securely. I would be even nicer to have transparent, honest, and trusted market places where you could check those figures just as easy as checking for the latest price of some stock or other.

I am afraid that I do not have the answer to that right now.

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