Book Review:Bobby C. Lee, The Promise of Bitcoin

This book was recently published. Having some interest in Bitcoin, I bought a copy on Kindle.

What I liked best about it was the conviction the author has. As he remarks frequently, the only thing that matters is the long term development. And said long term development is good news for anyone buying and holding.

As well it should be, with no other asset having a strict limit on issuing like Bitcoin.

I also found the family history interesting. Lee explained that his parents smuggled some gold in their clothes when leaving China first. They later emigrated to Africa, where they operated a business started with that gold.

If Bitcoin had been available at that time, it would of course have been easier to take their money with them in the form of some information or other. No need to sew gold into hidden pockets.

The editor of the book overlooked a mistake, where the author talks about 〝Cypress” meaning “Cyprus”.

This book describes a lot of the basics. I think it is a good guide for the intended audience of people who are curious about investing in Bitcoin and need to find out about it.

In contrast, there is not much information on the ballet wallet, which is the startup Lee is now spending some time and effort on after selling his bitcoin trading business. From what I understand this is a simple solution for people who like offline physical designs.

So this book gives people some reasons to buy bitcoins. It leaves it for other channels to describe what the wallet is and how it works.

I for one enjoyed the read.

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