Nayib Bukele on Twitter Spaces

Just spent an hour or so listening to a discussion hosted by Nic Carter on Twitter Spaces at the occasion of the Assembly in El Salvador passing the Bitcoin Law.

There were over 20,000 people listening. And President Nayib Bukele was one of them. He turned out speaking a bit to the crowd about this project.

And someone asked him if El Salvador had any plans on mining bitcoins. The answer was interesting.

He said that he had not thought about the issue, but that it might be a good idea. El Salvador has some good geothermal resources and had already plans to find some more industry close to the energy projects. And mining bitcoins may be a good fit.

I agree. And one of the people listening was Jack Dorsey, who just announced plans for a $5 million investment in a renewable energy mining project. Maybe they can do one in El Salvador.

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