Shark Duck Living on a Tree

A year ago, I never heard of Michael Saylor. Now of course I follow him.

And here is what he just said about one of the altcoins, when asked if he was investing. He explained it like an ecosystem. There are species that have been around for hundreds of millions of years, because they are engineered to do one thing, and do it well. In contrast, that particular altcoin was a

shark duck living on a tree

which of course does not make any sense. If you want a successful altcoin, it needs to do one thing, and do that one thing well.

One problem still to be solved is how to distribute the right to produce fossil fuel in a fair manner. That is an important problem, since fossil fuel consumption needs to go down, which in turn means you can’t allow anyone to produce as much as they want. We need a new form of OPEC. One that is decentralized, trustless, and with a clear inflation schedule going down fast.

Here is the video of Saylor talking:

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