Fast Lobbyist Reaction

After the recent insurrection failed to overturn the election results, there is a long list of companies that have pledged not to give money to those who voted against confirmation of the election results.

Since many politicians rely on corporate money to finance their campaigns, this will have some influence going forward.

And it is a remarkable change that came about very fast.

In the same way, I can see a future where fossil fuel companies redirect their money to putting hard limits on CO2 emissions.

I have explained before why they might do that. They do have a financial incentive. Having a hard limit on production raises prices, as has been clear since the Texas Railroad Commission first imposed quotas on oil production many decades before.

But they also just might do it because, as they know, it is the right thing to do, even if it cost them money (it does not). These companies that place a high value on democracy and refuse to finance enemies of the American Constitution are not motivated by money. They are motivated by doing the right thing.

It is way past obvious that the right thing is a hard limit on fossil fuel production. The whole fossil fuel industry should start joining forces with Bill McKibben and direct their lobbying efforts against burning the planet.

The example of this reaction to the insurrection shows that such changes can come very fast.

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