Trump Running on Climate

Emily Atkin notes at her newsletter that Trump is trying to point attention to Biden’s statement in the last debate about the oil industry. Asked if he would close down the oil industry, he said yes. Trump called that a “big statement” and hopes that Texas and Pennsylvania, which have significant oil industry, take note.

Trump of course has no plan to deal with the climate emergency. So I think it is a good thing that he calls attention to this fact in the last week of the campaign.

But he does think that his position is loyal to the industry. In that most people would agree.

Except me.

The oil industry would see a much needed improvement in their bottom line from a Biden climate plan. The transition will happen anyway. Better to get higher prices from less production while we still use some oil, pouring fuel on the fire.

But anyway, I think it is remarkable that Trump would call attention to this particular point. I don’t recall any American election putting the climate emergency on center stage like that.

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