Democrat Report on Fossil Fuel Industry Influence

Emily Holden reports in the Guardian on the Democrats plan to release a 200 page report about how the fossil fuel industry bought policy over the decades to delay climate measures.

I have not read that report, which may not be published yet. But I know the story already from other sources.

Politics in the United States is sold to the highest bidder. There is nothing wrong with that if the highest bid is for sensible policy. But with climate, the fossil fuel industry felt threatened and poured billions of lobby money into deny and delay.

This particular report will shed some more light on these developments, which many Americans are not aware of.

And I agree in part. Lobby money does have massive influence. And the fossil fuel industry did deny and delay.

But I am not sure about he remedy. Getting the corruption of climate lobby money from the fossil fuel industry out of the picture leaves us with zero. Better than the massive minus described in the article.

But I would prefer to keep the fossil fuel money in the system, but have them start advocating for predictable production restriction plans with strong enforcement.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to find out why they would be interested in reversing course. The category of this post is a massive hint for that.

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