German Hydrogen Strategy

According to this Handelsblatt article by Klaus Stratman, the German Cabinet will approve the Hydrogen Strategy that has been discussed for some time now tomorrow.

I have been writing lots of posts about hydrogen on this blog over the years. So I welcome the fact that Germany will put some effort in getting green hydrogen to scale.

Green hydrogen is of course hydrogen made from electricity that is generated from renewable sources. Once you have massive amounts of that, you can forget about the problem of having not enough electricity on a windless winter night. You can also displace fossil fuel from industrial processes like making steel.

There are lots of ideas floating around. Most of them seem to try again to make the auction model work that has failed so clearly in the renewable energy sector.

But anyway, there will be some substantial money flowing into this direction. The article mentions 7 billion Euro for hydrogen in Germany and another 2 billion for “international partnerships”.

I wonder if the latter might include some cooperation with Japan. Japan is also interested in solutions to the climate emergency. Japan also has some interest in hydrogen. Japan is also spending massively to restart the economy after the Corona crisis.

One interesting thing about hydrogen is that you can ship it around the globe. While there are no power lines connecting Japan and Germany, you could easily ship hydrogen in either direction over that distance.

So if you meet in the middle, say in the Mongolian desert, start some massive wind energy investments and start splitting some water, you could ship the resulting hydrogen to both Germany and Japan from there, even without any power lines available yet.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what gets actually adopted tomorrow.

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