Congratulations to Jeff Bezos

For being able to spend $10 billion of his own money on the climate emergency, and still having plenty left.

That is about 1 percent of the one trillion euros the EU wants to spend on the European Green Deal. And it is almost one percent of the $1.4 trillion the oil and gas industry plans to spend on development of new resources over the next five years.

As with the European Green Deal, it is a work in progress to figure out exactly how that money will be spend.

But it is probably fair to say that this qualifies as a massive effort. I am not aware of any individual spending more.

And it reminds me of the Princess Angel fund. Satoshi Nakamoto started that one with a modest investment of $4 billion in 2023. Solved the climate emergency in about one week.

Anyway, great news for a change. As the climate emergency gains in urgency, more and more people will wake up to the threat, and more and more will be done about it.

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