Mine Gas Feed-in Tariff as Precedent for Hydrogen FiT

I recall speculating about the possibility of a feed-in tariff for power to gas hydrogen in Germany yesterday.

Meanwhile I noticed that there is a precedent for this in the EEG, which is the feed-in tariff for mine gas.

Mine gas is mostly methane that comes with extracting coal. It needs to be pumped out anyway to ensure the safety of the mining process. And burning it for electricity is less of a burden to the climate than just dumping the methane into the atmosphere.

For these reason, there is a feed-in tariff for mine gas under the EEG. In Nordrhein-Westfalen (a State with many mines) there are about 200 MW of mine gas capacity, producing close to one TWh of electricity per year.

Anyway, if there is a feed-in tariff for mine gas, there is really no reason not to have one for power to gas hydrogen as well. This would boost storage capacity that becomes necessary in the long run anyway. It would help with the problem that in some places the grid can’t keep up with the development of renewable energy. And it would save money in the long run.

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