0.07 Percent of Germany’s Area Used For Solar

The report by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the first couple of solar project auctions notes on page 6 an estimate of about 25,500 hectares of real estate used for ground-based large scale solar projects in Germany.

That’s 255 square kilometers. Germany’s total area is 357,168 square kilometers.

So those 255 square kilometers add up to a whopping 0.07 percent of Germany’s total area.

Most of that are conversion areas (Konversionsflächen), which means areas formerly used for public purposes, most of them former military installations. At the end of 2014, 61% of projects were installed on this kind of areas. Another 28% were former farm land, and the remaining 11% are areas adjacent to roads.

Since there are many former military installation areas available in the former East Germany states, recent development activity in the large scale segment is most active there. It is more important to have cheap access to land than to have more insolation for these kind of projects.

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