Report on Dii

The German “Tagesspiegel” has published an article about what the “Desertec industrial initiative” has been up to lately (in German).

We learn that the number of shareholders has been reduced to three: RWE, ACWA, and SGCC. The latter is the world’s largest utility and based in China, which will be convenient for all Desertec work related to energy from the Gobi desert.

ACWA is based in Saudi Arabia, another excellent candidate for energy from the desert. They have lots of deserts. And lots of oil money to fill them with solar panels.

The Desertec industrial initiative has only a couple of people working on consulting projects.

In addition to the three shareholders, there is a larger group of 36 “partners and contributors”, including Siemens. I recall that they jumped ship earlier. Welcome back to the project.


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2 thoughts on “Report on Dii

  1. Thank you for your Blog, Karl-Friedrich. Of course Dii’s work on improving tje conditions for renewable energie and grid integrstion in the deserts just continue. Mind that we would never call this a ‘project’, but rather an ongoing industry initiative of removing barriers for RE in the market. Fairly successful in recent times.

    Best regards,
    Paul van Son
    RWE Chairman MENAT and CEO Dii


    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I was talking about consulting “projects” above, with your statement from the article in mind:
      “Die neue Dii macht keine großen und langfristigen Sprüche, sondern konzentriert sich auf die Aufdeckung von Hindernisse für Erneuerbaren-Energie-Projekte“
      I understood this meaning that you are involved in concrete projects as a consulting partner.
      I certainly agree that the initiative is not in the business of building a project themselves.


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