The Awesome EXXON Superpowers

Bill McKibben writes at the Guardian:

this company had the singular capacity to change the course of world history for the better and instead it changed that course for the infinitely worse.

That’s about the recent reports that Exxon knew about global warming decades ago and chose to lie about these issues.

If it is true that one company like Exxon has the “singular capacity” to change global warming, then it would be important to have this company change course.

All it takes for that to happen is to realize that it is in their own financial interest to do so. Ordering supply caps by regulation would lead to higher prices for oil and gas.

Bill McKibben either does not know about my little idea that exactly that is true, or doesn’t believe it. I have yet to hear any convincing counter-argument from anyone, though.

Anyway, with the awesome superpower Exxon has to stop global warming, it would seem to be worth an effort to get them on board.

And any solution to global warming must address the role of existing fossil fuel companies. If said solution takes the view that they are the enemy, it will be hard pressed to find support in the fossil fuel industry.

If in contrast the solution shows a way for them to not only stay profitable, but actually increase their profits by a large amount, Exxon will be much more likely to use their awesome superpower to help solving the problem.



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