Lessig For President

I hear that Larry Lessig is running for President of the United States.

I recall that he kindly answered to one of my blog posts once in 2009, stating that I was “missing the point”, though he also said I was “usually exactly right”.

So I wish him the best of luck. That would be two Constitutional Law professors in a row.

On the other hand, it may be difficult to win. Usually people spend a life in politics before they shoot for this particular job.

So maybe someone else will win. The bright side is that it does not matter much for Lessig’s main agenda.

That is of course to fix the problem that the United States is a democracy where politics is sold to the highest bidder.

This problem is impossible to fix, by definition.

If it is true that politics is decided by lobbyists, the last thing they will allow is a change of this fortunate (for them) state of affairs.

That would mean that even if Lessig wins the Presidency, his main agenda can’t be realized anyway.

And the way to make good change happen in such a system is to have people pay for the right things. Even if politics is sold to the highest bidder, that may still result in good policy if the right people win the bidding wars.

Which is exactly why it would not be without influence on the treatment of global warming in American politics if the fossil fuel industry wises up and understand that they stand to make a profit from global warming regulation.

Bonus link to Part 22 of my novel “Last Week”, titled “Politics Sold to the Highest Bidder”, which explains already why Lessig will fail to get anywhere short of starting a revolution.



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