Running Your Home With One 100W Solar Panel

It can be done, as this post by Ron Rhinehart shows.

All you need to do is get rid of your kitchen (eat out or live on Soylent instead). Rhinehart is behind a startup producing the Soylent brand of artificial food.

Then get rid of laundry by buying new clothes every time something gets dirty and donate the old ones to charity.

For heating and cooling, open the window.

Obviously, this is a radical concept. Not everyone will agree with the lifestyle changes involved.

But even if you need more than one solar panel to run your household, one other idea from that post is of interest. It is in the title, which is “How I Gave Up Alternating Current”.

Obviously, if you are producing all your electricity yourself, it doesn’t make much sense to pay the energy losses involved in changing to alternating current and back. Alternating current only makes sense with large-scale centralized generation and large distance transmission.


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