Conergy Heart Shaped Solar Project

You may have seen this picture. It is a popular choice for people commenting on Twitter about solar.


The last time I saw it was on this Tweet by Conergy, at the occasion of a recent decision of the American Supreme Court on same-sex marriages.

This is the second real life example of someone building a geoglyph solar project I am aware of. The other one is a 48,000 solar panel project by Disney.

This project by Conergy is located in New Caledonia, a Pacific island nation 750 miles east of Australia. The September 2014 press release announcing the project has details:

This is a 2 megawatt project with 7,888 solar panels. They explain the reason for the heart shape like this:

The unique design is inspired by the “Coeur de Voh”, or “Heart of Voh”, an area of nearby wild mangrove vegetation that has naturally taken the shape of a heart. The “Coeur de Voh” gained worldwide recognition thanks to the aerial photography of environmental campaigner Yann Arthus-Bertrand in the best-selling book, “The Earth from Above.”

Again, having some meaningful shape for your solar project seems to be an obvious choice. I expect seeing more of these projects in the future.



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