Got Mentioned To Miss Mongolia

Christian Roselund recently did an interview with Miss Mongolia 2012 Britta Battokta, who is supporting the SolarFuture.Today campaign.


Embedding the video doesn’t seem to work, so you will need to click over to the site to watch that. It’s only about four minutes long.

The first question was why Battokta supports the SolarFuture campaign. And Roselund followed up with remarking that people are usually only talking about Germany or some such place when discussing solar, so information about Mongolia is necessary.

She answers by explaining about her growing up without electricity in Southern Mongolia. For example, children used candles to study in the dark.

Then Roselund kindly mentioned my 2012 book “Energy from the Mongolian desert” (<- please click that link) and asked if she had heard about it.

The answer was negative, but she said she wanted to check it out later.

While Ms. Battokta is checking out my book and maybe the latest Asia Super Grid report, this is a good opportunity for me to check out that SolarFuture campaign.

A good starting point may be this youtube video from last October, which is one of the top search results for “SolarFuture campaign”.

Another top result is this October 2014 article at Solar Server that describes some ideas about this campaign.

I just opened a new category with the name “SolarFuture Campaign”. This post is the first in that category.

The campaign has a (somewhat unusual) website URL at That is mostly a collection of videos, the interview mentioned above the most recent one.

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