Disney Building Geoglyph Solar Park

I recall that about two weeks ago I discussed the idea of arranging solar panels in a way that builds an image when viewed from far away, like the famous Nazca Lines in Peru. This is called a geoglyph.

At the time I thought that this was an obvious thing to do, but could not find any project actually building on that idea.

That has changed now. As this article by Sandra Pedicini in the Orlando Sentinel explains, Disney will go ahead and build a solar park with 48,000 solar panels arranged in a shape familiar to Disney fans.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what that shape might be (hint: two large round ears).

Obviously, Disney expects some extra advertising value from doing this. And whatever extra advertising value they get out of building the first solar geoglyph project serves to reduce the cost of installing those solar panels in the first place.

I wonder if there is any shape distinctive for Apple. I hear they have some interest in solar as well.

Disney expects to have their project finished by the end of the year. Since solar projects can be done in a couple of months, someone could still beat the mouse in the race for the first solar geoglyph.

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