New Book by Jeremy Leggett

I just finished reading the first couple of chapters of a new book by Jeremy Leggett released today. I recall having reviewed (favorably) his 2013 book “The Energy of Nations” on this blog.

The title of this book is “The Winning of the Carbon War”. Leggett has released the first part as a free download today and plans to publish later parts once a month. The whole thing will then be condensed into a book some time next year.

I found the first part interesting and inspiring. Leggett talks about his efforts to do something about global warming. Mostly he shares his experience in talking with people involved. His ideas are not so much in the center as in his last book, this is more a personal perspective, maybe even close to a dairy.

The main theme is the connection between financial markets and global warming. Leggett is involved with the Carbon Tracker Initiative. They rightly think that global warming will have a large impact on the fossil fuel industry. I disagree with their idea of “stranded assets”, though. I rather expect global warming to boost the fossil fuel industry’s profits, if they understand that reducing their production faster than they will be forced to anyway is good business (Phaseout Profit Theory).

It would be fun to discuss this with Leggett.

Anyway, I liked this first part and am looking forward to reading more.


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