North Korea Behind Global Warming

Just revealed in the Guardian:

The discovery that North Korea has been secretly pumping climate-altering chemicals into the atmosphere in an attempt to destroy agricultural production across the US has sparked an international crisis.

This is not true. I know better. Global warming, or global meltdown as it should be called more realistically, is caused by the evil alien hypnotist Khalmorot. He hypnotized humanity into burning all that fossil fuel. We couldn’t possibly be so stupid all by ourselves. If we were, we wouldn’t have been smart enough to develop civilization in the first place.

He did that because he needs us in his TV show “Heat Games”. We are heating up the planet so that his alien audience can have a good laugh about us, and the TV program can sell some commercials. I hear that “Heat Games” has excellent ratings, with billions of alien viewers. They need to be entertained, even if it ruins our planet beyond recovery.

This is a secret, so don’t tell anyone. I was able to find it out two years ago and wrote about it here.

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